Welcome to cadvcevsWiki!

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CADVCEVS (Classification Approach to Data Visualization and Content Exploration Via Subject Guides, http://cadvcevs.wordpress.com) is an ongoing project that combines Linked Data, data visualization, and subject guides to promote learning and the synthesis of ideas in introductory-level Classics students. Based on the principle that we all have knowledge and insights to add to the discussion of a subject, cadvcevsWiki encourages a collaborative approach between librarians, teachers, and students to create subject guides and related instructional content. The content on cadvcevsWiki forms the knowledge base that contributes data and content to the main CADVCEVS interface.

Why get involved?

Librarians and Information Professionals

  • Explore the use of Linked Data as an education tool
  • Engage with Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 in a wiki environment
  • Learn new ways to deliver online library services


  • Help create the kind of resources that work best for you
  • Add a new resource to your teaching toolbox
  • Support students' learning by encouraging exploration


  • Apply the material you are learning by writing about it
  • Reinforce what you already know
  • Make new connections between topics